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Diesel Quick Facts

Who: Bureau of Automotive Repair. Assembly Bill 1488.

What: All 1998 and newer vehicles that weigh less than 14,000 GVWR.

Where: All of California. Basic and Enhanced program areas require the same testing procedures

When: January 1, 2010 the California DMV will begin to mail biennial smog inspection notices. All qualifying title transfer and out-of-state diesel vehicles will require a smog beginning January 1.

Why: An Estimated 540,000 vehicles will be added to the smog program with the goal of meeting California's smog reduction goals.

How: Diesel Inspection procedures consist of:
-- Visual Test
-- OBD II Test
-- Visible Smoke Test

Note: Diesel vehicles are not required to be dyno tested. The Two Speed Idle (TSI) test is not required either.

Diesel Smog Check Program

The diesel smog check program is now implemented throughout California. We intend to provide an up-to-date overview of the diesel program. The new diesel smog test will apply to all 1998 and newer diesel powered vehicles under 14,000 GVWR. Diesel testing is implemented as a biennial program similar to the regular smog check program.Diesel gas

Diesel Inspection Procedure:

  1. Visual Test
  2. OBD II Test
  3. Visible Smoke Test

Visual Check List:

OBD II Check consists of:

Visible Smoke Test consists of:

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